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Mon-Sun, 9am-6pm


"Everything happens for a reason”

Always Reason was created for more reasons than just fashion. Owner, Lexi Zanghi, was just 18 years of age when she decided not to attend college and put everything she had into this company. Lexi wanted to spread the cliche saying ”Everything happens for a reason” she believed people needed to not only hear but believe this. Every person has challenges thrown at them on a daily basis; it’s too difficult to accept those challenges… or is it? By constantly spreading good vibes and positivity you can change your perception on life. How great would it be to constantly be confident in your self, your choices, and of course your daily dose of life challenges? Now the reason Lexi combined such a strong message with fashion is that the first step to accepting life’s fate is by having confidence that it’ll all work out. For Lexi feeling good with herself gave her confidence, getting dressed up in a bomb outfit made her feel empowered like she could accomplish so much more.
Plus who doesn’t love clothes!
Always Reason would love for you to join our #ARmy. Now how do we accomplish this? By dressing good and FEELING good. As we grow we will take on more ways to make a change, as for now we work on our mindset and clothes.